Arriving at the 13 Mile Seafood Market

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When you arrive at the seafood market, it doesn’t take you long to realize that this is not an ordinary Florida town. The location prides itself in having a non-pretentious sensibility that is blended from a laid-back “Old Florida” attitude, charming southern traditions, and strong New England roots. The maritime influence at the seafood market and the surrounding area is evident, and the ties to the Gulf, river, and Bay are apparent. Apalachicola is a seafood town, over 90 percent of the oyster production in Florida comes from Apalachicola Bay. A phenomenon that has earned the town the nickname “Oystertown”.
While the seafood market is located in a predominantly rural area, it has a rich cultural heritage. Historically well exposed to the world’s influence and progressive in diversity, the community around the seafood market has been able to embrace a quality of life on its terms.

Once you visit the seafood market, not only do you get to enjoy delightful seafood treats, but also you get to explore historical buildings. One of the oldest prefabricated buildings in the United State, Trinity Episcopal Church, is located near the seafood market. Assembled in Apalachicola, but shipped from New York, Trinity Episcopal Church was incorporated by Florida’s Legislative Council on Feb 11, 1837, and is the oldest church in Florida. Alvin Wentworth Chapman, the author of “Flora of The Southern United States” and whom the Chapman Botanical Garden at Florida State’s park is named after, once lived in Apalachicola. The city has also hosted great men such as Dr. John Gorrie, who discovered the cold-air technique used in refrigeration and later patented an ice maker in 1850, laying the building blocks for modern air-conditioning and refrigeration.

The community around the seafood market is also famous for its creative talent. Whether dancer, singer, writer, refined painter, highly trained actor or folk artist, the arts community thrives here! You’ll find several art studios on the second floors of commercial buildings and tucked in behind houses. You will find some local artwork hanging at the seafood market as part of the experience. A few Galleries and shops nearby also specialize in local artworks.

Most people know the seafood market for its blue crab, oysters, and fresh shrimp. But the surrounding region is also a hub for creative folk. Currently, the beautiful old historical homes, commercial buildings, and warehouses are bustling with artisan studios and art galleries. Artists have found the seafood market an inspiration for quite some time.

If you’re seeking some of the seafood delights that Apalachicola is famed for, you certainly can’t go wrong by choosing 13 Mile Seafood Market. Here, you will get the region’s best selection of shrimp, oysters, clams, sushi-grade Yellowfin Tuna, mullet, crabs, grouper, flounder, and smoked fish dip among others. The establishment’s attention to detail ensures that you are served nothing but quality and fresh products. The staff is quite friendly and ready to answer any questions you might have regarding seafood or the history of the seafood market. The community is also quite hospitable and open to hosting visitors. When you visit the seafood market, not only do you get to enjoy the delightful treat that the establishment has to offer, but you also get to enjoy the scenic views of the surrounding area and visit a place with a rich history and culture. A great adventure awaits you on your next visit to the seafood market in Apalachicola.

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